Different Kind of Advantages of Business Cards

Business cards are still an essential element in the world of business. The attempts to replace them by digital means have been only partially successful, since in the practice of face-to-face business relations the simplest and most effective is to provide our interlocutor with a printed business card.

There are several reasons why printing company cards https://www.kiasuprint.com/businesscards-namecards-printing/products/ are still an excellent decision today:

 In the first place, they generate credibility: The simple fact of having a corporate card confers identity, creates a brand.

Facilitate commercial contact : Being a physical element are easy to locate and recover, so that at the time the potential client requires the services we offer you will find in a specific place (the card) all contact information needs to.

They are Flexible: Corporate business cards at https://www.kiasuprint.com/common-company-seals-singapore/ not only serve to be delivered at a business meeting, but can be used or included in any postal marketing action, such as in advertising (flyers, triptychs) or catalogs, of personalized or massive form and can even be integrated as one more element within multichannel advertising campaigns: this is the case of QR codes or that of business cards with Augmented Reality.

Despite its advantages and although ordering small runs online is relatively simple, renewing business cards can be a real headache. For more info browse https://www.mandreel.com.


Well, because there can be many “undesirable” circumstances: For example, waste and lack of uniformity are almost guaranteed if each employee makes his own cards in his own way and with the supplier of his choice.

Due to economy of scale and efficiency in management, the most reasonable thing is that the acquisition of business cards is centralized in a department, usually purchasing.

And this is where the new service that we are going to present you comes into play.

Solving problems to the Purchasing Department

Not long ago we announced news in our online store … well then … we have here the first!: Business cards for companies.

Someone will say … Is it a new service? But did not you already offer business cards?

To which we will answer yes, it is, but not with the approach and price line that we present today. These are its main characteristics:

1 Up to 25 different card models can be ordered in a single order.

2 For each model it is possible to indicate an exact and different amount of the rest .

3 All models can be referenced individually, to avoid confusion.

4 Prices are unbeatable, especially if you print many models.

Now getting prices of business cards for companies is as simple as possible, check it yourself:

 Simply choose the number of different models you want to print. Next, two fields will be displayed for each model, in one you can indicate the quantity and in the other the reference. If you want the same amount for all the models, you indicate the quantity in model 1 and click on “Match quantities”. And that’s it. The rest of the fields of the form are the usual ones of our web-to-print.