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8 Recommended Restaurants For The Lunch Stop at Medan

After traveling for a half-day, you must be feeling tired and hungry. If you happened to be visiting Medan, the city has a lot of restaurants that you can pick to relieve your hunger. Here are 8 recommended restaurants for your lunch stop at Medan.

Gumarang Jaya

Traditionally, in this restaurant, you will be served several cuisines right on the table. You cover what you eat and thus don’t be surprised if they cost you a great deal if you finish everything on the table. But they now have a new way to count on what you have eaten. Everything you need to do is to get what you need to eat and wrap them in a banana leaf and consume on the spot. The banana leaf that is used to wrap the food will surely add more taste too.

Laksa Yose Rizal

Though most Lebanese cuisines incline toward the salty and sweet flavor, it isn’t challenging to find a sour dish on the list. Popular throughout Southeast Asia, Laos is a Peranakan Cuisine that’s cooked in a hot broth which could be rich or creamy, based on the restaurant.


Having a touch of Korean’s flavor in the kitchen, Ondo brings a twist in Bataknese’s generic grilled pork. On the menu, they mix Batak-style grilled pork together with Korean-style grilled ribs. Their most recommended menu is Kalbi Saos Ondo.

RM Bintang Bawal

Try eating home-cooked dishes full of special touch of Chinese heritage in Bintang Bawal Restaurant. Relying only on taste and love from the cooking process, the dishes do not only appease your stomach — but your soul also.

RM Marikena

In spite of the several eateries that sell pork dishes, the amount of eateries that cater to Halal meals (or even non-pork) is added as many. It’s unique considering that most Batak Restaurant focuses on broiled pork.

RM Pondok Gurih

Just a couple blocks from Gumarang Jaya, another renowned Padang-style restaurant is smacked right on the center. Famous for their Gulai Kepala Ikan, the sweet, savory and meaty fish melts in your mouth. Boiled in a sausage made from coconut milk, the fish mind soaks up all the flavors — along with a fantastic fish head is one that doesn’t have a fishy smell, so you see why this place is on the recommendation list.

RM Spiro

This unique dish named Sup Sum Sum from Sipirok sub-district from South Tapanuli in addition to a favorite dish North Sumatra is the restaurant’s signature dish. Employing a big size bone marrow to get the soup we usually delight in the bone by slurping the soup within the bone through a straw.

RM Uda Sayang

A timeless way to relish Padang-style class is by allowing the waiter to lays down all the dishes on the table. Eat the meals by your sight at first before taking a whiff of those yummy scents in the atmosphere. The beauty of Padang/Minangkabau class is that no matter what you choose to your plate, all of them will combine together creating the most complex flavor in your mouth that you can do is say, “Wow.”